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Probably the most amazing person you will ever meet and you're most likely going to fall in love with him.
A Mou'taz is the most amazing person on the face of the earth.

A Mou'taz is caring, sweet, kind, loving, amazing, and everything in-between.
A Mou'taz is exciting, breathe taking, adorable, and all around attractive person. (Looks and personality.)
A Mou'taz is the most badass, awesome, insane, jealous, great, moody, sexually hungry beast.
A Mou'taz is fucking amazing at art, and can make sexy logos in photoshop.

He is very caring for those close to him, and will put the ones he loves before himself so if you fuck with them, you're fucking with him.
Don't mess with this motherfucker.

If you ever have the chance to befriend a Mou'taz don't ever let him go.
A Mou'taz's friendship should be the thing you treasure with all of your heart.

And if you do ever get a chance to date a Mou' careful, there's no way you couldn't fall head over heels in love with this amazing guy.
In a relationship Moutaz's can be sensitive, sometimes needy, jealous, loving, caring, cute, sweet, and everything you could ever imagine.

Moutaz's are just fucking awesome.
Damn, that guy is a real fucking Mou'taz. Holy shit, I love him.
by anonymoutaz June 22, 2013
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