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Also knows as a "Freeway Friend" (United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa) is a term used to describe a motorist directly in front/behind you who is on a similarly long journey on the same motorway/freeway, especially at night and when driving alone.

Though you have never and are never likely to meet the person driving, you form a bond with them and can take comfort in the fact that you're not the only one driving hundreds of miles.

Becoming more common now with the invent of Adaptive Cruise Control.
A somewhat sad feeling came over me when my Motorway Mate pulled off at the junction. I then felt like I was the only one on the M6 that night.

Though I had been following my Freeway Friend for a while, he began slowing his pace so I put the foot down and overtook.

I was following my Motorway Mate using my new Adaptive Cruise Control when he pulled off at the services, so had to resort back to normal Cruise Control.
by SoldierBhoy April 05, 2011
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