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The "ticker" to the upper right corner of your Face Book screen that screams out every move you make to the whole Face Book world is known as the Mother-in-Law-Ticker. It scrolls your every move to those who know you and those you don't. Some people love it but most people hate it. It is called the MIL- Ticker because of it's striking similarity to the stereotypical Mother-In-Law (nosy, loud and rude).
"The Mother-in-Law Ticker robs me of any privacy I thought I had."

"I love the Mother-in-Law Ticker because I am a voyeur."


"The Mother-in-Law Ticker on Face Book is so annoying."
"With the Mother-in-Law Ticker, you can see what everyone is doing at any moment of the day."
by BigMonky Monk December 06, 2011
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