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The Moron Factor is a gauge for level of incompetence, stupidity and idiocy that you can be surrounded with on a daily basis.

If the Moron Factor is high it means that you are surrounded by complete idiots who do not know their ass from their elbows. When there is a low Moron Factor competence reigns and life is mellow.

Elevated levels of the Moron Factor can also occur periodically (usually temporarily) through the excessive use of alcohol or other party favors.
The Moron Factor is extremely high today and I am surrounded by complete idiots.

If there is a high Moron Factor, it is very difficult to soar with eagles because you are surrounded by turkeys.

A high Moron Factor is often found in government and in upper management.

If the Moron Factor were any higher, we would be passing out straight jackets.
by joerockhead November 23, 2013
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