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The most awesome book characters ever. Mord Sith are women trained to torture, break and kill pretty much everyone, including the magic users of their bookverse. They're from D'Hara and kick ass. Some of their ranks are Denna, Cara and Berdine. They wield a weapon called an agiel which is a thin red rod that usually hangs by a gold chain from their wrist which is magic and causes immense pain to both the poor sod being tortured and the Mord Sith, but Mord Sith are so awesome that they just ignore it.
Mord Sith are trained from a young age by being broken three times. They are tortured until their wills are broken. They then watch their mother being tortured until her will is broken and she is killed to break their compassion. Then they are forced to break and kill their father to break their mercy.
by LadyLola March 18, 2010
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