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Some random person that decides to go on youtube, find a pretty juggler, and shamelessly call her a bunch of disgusting names, that they only know because of personal experience. The word "Mooshers" Came from the juggler, OlgaKay, which is what she calls her fans. Her cat, Mushka was the insiration. Some people do not have a life big enough to understand her humor, but have a small enough one to sit on their ass and critisize humor they are to stupid to get.
User/Defintion Maker: "Moosh Hater" spends hour sitting around making hateful definitons against OlgaKay
by Clockzrun18 October 05, 2010
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born to fail. for anyone who defies the Mighty Moosh Army will fall victim to their own unworthiness. Moosh haters will be the first target of the terminators upon the crashing of skynet.
The Moosh Army is composed of the most elite individuals creating an unrivaled legion of power.The Moosh Haters will fall to the terminators as the Moosh Army saves humanity!
by iTzNoxXx May 07, 2010
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