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1. A person who will come up to you at dances and decide that he thinks he can grind. So they rub their fat against lots of terrified girl's ass'. Even after the female makes numerous excuses to get away, he refuses to let go. It is much like butt rape of a different sort.

2. When females need to warn eachother about the approach of moose ears they can put their thumbs to their temples and wave their fingers around in a frenzied warning. These resemble moose antlers.


*does finger flappy thing*

by isscaredofmoose May 08, 2009
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when everyone is seated and there is a task to be done. like turning off the lights or closing the door. you simply say "moose ears" and place ur open hands on your head like moose antlers
don:oh. i forgot to turn off the light. MOOSE EARS.
john: DAMN!
by don mote June 28, 2007
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