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A fat singer who uses all her album profits to use "Pitch Correction" on many of her albums. Her music has inspired many of the "rap" artists today. She inspired them by her excessive use of the same sounds/beat for her "music".

Since many found out her music sounds the same all the time, only ignorant people find her music "intresting" and her, "hot".
She tried to stay "cool" by marrying 27 year old, Nick Cannon.

She is also known as Mooriah Scarey and (I'm) Mariah (and you can't) Carey (me).
"Re-touch my body, make me look skinnier. I like looking like a whore in my videos, it makes me connect with the stupid youth of today, take Nick for example" - Mooriah Carey
by Mr.Alwaysright August 18, 2008
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