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Moon Heads are thugs (or chavs in britian) who can barely string together simple sentences without the use of the F word.

An easy way to detect a moon head is the repeated use of the phrase "arghh mate it woz such a batty crease", a Slight over bite, usually a dimond earing and the trait that got them their name; their huge, oily, spotty, shaven skulls.

In some cases they will have thick circular glasses and/or will be very short

These will be the cockiest little sh*ts you will ever meet, try and avoid this breed of Moon Heads.
Moon Head: "F*cking hell, you F*cking emo!? "

Man: "Erm no i'm just wearing skinny jeans lol."

*Moon Head turns to it's Moon Head(s)*

Moon Head: "ahhhaha f*cking mate!? f*cking batty crease mate, f*cking emo wearing f*cking skinny jeans - F*cking state mate, i f*cking tell you Haha"
by ThatKidChalkie October 03, 2010
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A person who's head resembles that of a natural satellite, or a head which is abnormaly large or round
Fucking hell jason, you've got a fucking moon head. just look at it, it's a whopper.
by the portuguese cobnut June 05, 2011
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A derogatory term to describe a person unfortunate enough to have a forehead and chin which jut out in unsightly fashion, resembling a half moon when viewed in profile.
by alan the wordsmith December 03, 2007
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A person who's head that looks like a half moon when you look at them from the side. They have a huge stuck out chin with a oversized forehead. Other names for these people are spacerader and JNoz.
Look at that over there, haha, Moonhead!!!
by Clairelovestom February 15, 2009
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