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A line of dairy products, produced by a small time American food-stuff manufacturer. Marketed towards children with obesity. Said to have zero fat content and no additives added.

Was in pre-manufacturing stage prior to the 9/11 disaster. Company folded soon afterwards.
"Keep your child slim with Moo Slim"
One of the marketing catchphrase.
by missingtexturefile June 04, 2012
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Mooslim is actually the same thing as a muslim, but the problem is many mispronounce the world Muslim saying Muslim instead of Mooslim.
I am a dedicated Muslim(Mooslim)
by Ali Muah November 08, 2007
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Americans who were born in a Muslim family but don't follow the traditions. The "moo" comes from the freedom to eat are what you eat.
Mahammod: Dude I f*ckin love in-n-out
Jeff: WTF!? Aren't you NOT allowed to eat beef?
Mahammod: Naaah man me and my bros are mooslims.
by AyeWhole January 06, 2011
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