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A person that usually holds in a lot of problems but tries to help too many people with their own. He is usually secretive of many thing and sometime find ignorance extremely. But don’t think that they are all negative because usually if you get to know them FOR REAL you will see that they are very caring and try and try to become a better person. Sometimes if this is the case then you shouldn’t talk to them for a while and instead wait for them to talk to you. When encountered with and argue meant with this person you may see that they find it hard to accept that they are wron but at the same time when they try to defend themselves they struggle with explaining what they are trying to get across. They really don’t like to be cut off and don’t like a bunch of followers they like to have someone else help them take charge.
Stop cutting Monteza off, you know that makes him mad
Monteza helps me with my situations but I can tell that he is fighting his own war on the inside
by Ticap July 08, 2018
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A person who thinks that they are the best at everything. They name other’s flaws when they have many. You don’t wanna be this person.
Stop being such a monteza, its very annoying.
by Hellichopter324 May 23, 2018
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