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"Montclair Status" can be defined in multiple ways:

1. An unfair situation in which you were ripped off/ screwed over and had absolutely no control over.

2. A ridiculously low budget/ beat up piece of matter that obviously needs to be replaced.

3. A huge inconvenience to oneself because of the lack of intelligence in the design of a plan/schedule/system/ect.
Examples: - McEachern Music building is just flat up Montclair Status. - The jail food in Freeman is Montclair Status. - The traffic jam on the Garden State Parkway is Montclair Status. - That bike that is spray painted 3 different colors and has no seat... is Montclair Status. - Being woken up by fire alarms for real fires twice in one week is Montclair Status. - A firetruck taking a half hour to arrive is Montclair Status. - Dry Campus... Montclair Status. - I'm a drummer and need a car to play gigs, can't get a parking permit after I had one last year.... Montclair Status. - Closing down a parking lot in the middle of the year to create a parking deck instead of over the summer in return creating massive havoc in parking.... Montclair Status. - Waiting 30 minutes for an E Route Shuttle Bus... Montclair Status. - A projector that takes 2 minutes to retract into the ceiling in a philosophy class while everybody stares at it in silence. Montclair Status. - Same class, different day. Can hear a truck backing up in the middle of a lecture hall. Montclair Status.
by Remmurd Steab September 23, 2009
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