The best energy drink. EVER.

"While in Europe last summer at the Spanish Moto GP, we saw a cool re-sealable can and knew it would be perfect for monster. The company said, 'only available in Europe.' We said, 'B.S., we gotta have it!' Next stop Amsterdam, Holland and a specialty plant to fill the funky can with our new super premium Monster import formula. Monster import has a clean, smooth Euro-flavor, less calories, but still gets you off as good as the orgional"
-Monster Energy
"if you can open and close the can with one hand you probably dated a lot when you were younger."

Person 1: Have you ever had a Monster Import?

Person 2: No. Whats that?

Person 1: *Shoots person 2 in the foot*
by addicted2energydrinks August 26, 2009
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