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An affliction that affects chronic television watchers, namely elderly ladies, that watch too many medical and detective shows. The disease manifests itself in the form of the patient beginning to question and read too much into every day things. A man offering to help carry bags out of the grocery store will appear to be a murderous fiend. A small rash may be interpreted as pulmonary encephalitis. This can be dangerous to near-relatives and friends who may be forced to sit through dramatic revelations and diagnostic suggestions.
Aunt Edna: Don't you see the way that mailman limps? It's clearly because when he was chopping up his wife's body, he stubbed his toe on her great-grandmother's diamond ring that she always wears.

Frustrated Nephew: No Aunt Edna, you've just got a case of Monkhousen Syndrome.

Aunt Edna: Ooh! Or maybe it's cushings disease..... or perhaps syphilis! I'll have to go in for a biopsy!
by cwhite20 October 23, 2009
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