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Akin to the alligator fuckhouse, but instead of initiating a death roll on your partner, you get your feet under you in a low squatting position and hop up and down while beating your chest and screeching like a wild monkey, all while maintaining insertion. Can be performed doggy or missionary, but preferably missionary at the point of climax so there's a chance your cock will pop out and ejaculate on your partner's stomach while you act like a monkey. This way they won't miss the performance.
Alli: Tim did the strangest thing in bed last night.
Donna: What?
Alli: He started jumping up and down and acting like a monkey while he fucked me. He jerked off on me while he did it too.
Donna: What did you do?
Alli: Nothing. I was speechless the rest of the night. I heard him on the phone the next day telling his buddy Jeff that he pulled off a 'monkey fuckhouse.'
by jollyjo December 22, 2011
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