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One of the lost Bert Reynolds movies. Made early in his career the film is based on a true story of how the British trained monkeys as bombers during the second world war. The monkeys used to have explosives either strapped to them or around their necks. They would parachute out of a plane, land on enemy soil and them run into bunkers and buildings before setting off the bombs. It was seen as a key strategy in the British removing several men of power in Berlin.

The film stars many young actors and Bert Reynolds appearance as a pilot is short lived (he ends up being mashed by a jet engine). The film failed to make any mark at the cinemas and has been restricted to late night television showings on small satellite channels. The film is famous for the lack of one important thing.. Bert Reynolds doesn't have his mustache in it!
Bert: Monkeys! What the sodding hell do they know about parachutes.
Capt. England: More than a washed up fighter pilot.
by Jessop July 19, 2005
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