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Someone who hunts through various Rain forests, on a quest for animal anus. Once found his prey he says who's your boss! He then slits open his chosen prey, and situates himself inside the carcass. He then shits inside it then eats the brew of organs and remains. He then repeats this process adding other treats like his own bloody mixed seaman whilst karate kicking his prey in the throat, all this whilst remaining inside the animal. The hunter then induces vomiting and hurls into the face of his victim. the hunter then proceeds to sleep inside the victim for the night. The next morning a traditional burial service starts. At this service the group of hunters take turns eating the remains. This concludes the Mongolian hunter experience.

The Mongolian hunter originated in the great plains of Mongolia and occurred regularly by the native Mongolian tribesmen. This form of sexual interaction is both pleasurable for prey and predator.
Atilis Ginga the Mongolian tribesmen decided to go for a leisurely stroll he started to hunt and track his victim (in this case an antelope) with amazing stealth and agility he pounced on his victim and proceeded to mongolian hunter them.
by Toe knee danzza April 29, 2011
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