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Momiji Sohma is a character in Fruits Basket.He is cursed by the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac like Yuki Sohma,Kyo Sohma,and Shigure Sohma.When Momiji was born, his mother didnt want him.She doesnt remember him because she asked Hatori to erase her memories.He has a sister named Momo, but Momiji's father doesnt want Momiji to interact with Momo.She wants to know about Momiji and she asked him If he wanted to be her older brother.Momiji's father is Japanese and his mother is German.Hes really great friends with Tohru, he helps him at work sometimes and even took her place once.He looks like hes in middle school, but much to Tohru's suprise he is only 1 year younger than Tohru,Yuki,and Kyo.Her mom's memory of Momiji was erased because otherwise she might slip into utter madness. Momiji is actually very insightful and emotionally strong despite his upbringing. He took to Tohru very quickly, even ignoring the fact that he was a Zodiac and hugged her when they were formally introduced.In the final chapter, Momiji tells Hatsuharu and Rin that he hopes to find a girlfriend as wonderful as Tohru.
Takaya derived his name from the ninth month of the traditional Japanese calendar, momijitsuki or "autumn leaves month".He was supposed to have been named after the third month, the month of the rabbit, but according to the author, she mixed up his and Kureno's positions in the Zodiac.Voiced by: Ayaka Saitō (Japanese), Kimberly Grant (English)
Momiji Fangirl:OMG!!!! Momiji is so cuuuute!!!!

Me:Momiji Sohma is my favorite character in Fruits Basket.
by azngirl890 September 28, 2009
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