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individuals with the name "molly" usually are huge sluts who have been known to overuse the abbreviated phrase "laugh out loud" or LOL for short. individuals with the name "molly" tend to be non-athletic chubby lesbians who enjoy long walks on (nude) beaches, sports that require little clothing, and screamo beats and music videos with, again, little-to-no clothing. molly's usually flock to southern schools where the weather is hot but the lesbians are hotter. molly's have a fetish for feet, beer bellies, and saggy funbags. molly's don't really have a favorite color because they're gay so they like ALL the colors of the rainbow...if asked a question they tend to be indecisive and incorrect making them the biggest failures at life. most (if not all) molly's will date multiple persons at one time, spreading numerous diseases and illnesses...such diseases include AIDS, gonorrhea, crabs, chlamydia, the syph, and herpes...this does not excludethe birdflu and turrets. but seriously, to sum up what a "molly" really is would take years but one thing is certain...they are repulsive individuals with big heads and even bigger asses who should not under any circumstances be trusted or befriended by anyone especially fellow female soccer players.
"that girl is such a mollyyy."

"mollyyy's suck at life."

"i hate mollyyy's."

"mollyyy's blow mad black cock."

"i like this but i don't like mollyyy"
by i like this. July 08, 2009
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