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A term used the describe the negative aspects of (association) football as it stands today.

Specifically, Modern Football refers to:

- rip-off ticket prices and merchandise
- all seater stadia
- over-zealous policing and stewarding of football crowds
- players being traded like merchandise
- games being played at non traditional times

- teams changing places (see MK Dongs)
- foreign club owners who know sod all about anything
- the stupid amounts of money involved in the sport generally

What this means is that real, passionate fans are priced out from watching their own teams, and are replaced by corporate wankers who turn football grounds into soulless libraries. The few true fans who still go to matches are treated like scum by stewards and police.

With this much money involved the powers that be (FIFA, UEFA etc) are extremely corrupt, and are open to bribes; either money or sexual favours.

There are however, those who resist...

In Europe, lively, colourful and rowdy supporters known as Ultras are committed to fighting modern football. They are very organised and powerful; to the point, in some cases that they effectively run the club.

In other instances, disgusted fans have broken away to form their own club. For example:

FC United of Manchester from Manchester United
AFC Wimbledon from MK Dons
SV Austria Salzburg from FC Red Bull Salzburg

Football is ours, it's time to take it back.
Against Modern Football!
by skankmaestro January 23, 2011
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