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Modern Custom is a term that was created to blanket over all of the diverse custom rides that normally come out to the younger generation shows. There are many different styles that Modern Custom blankets like lowriders, trucks, mini trucks, custom compacts, tuners, SUVs and there are even modern inspired classics, rats and worn & torn that appear at Modern Custom shows. Each one of these automotive styles has its own scene and shows, but they will all come together at a Modern Custom show and showoff their custom rides together. These shows were created mainly in the 80s (some earlier on the West Coast) when younger clubs were tired of entering their local hot rod shows and having 1 class for mini trucks and one class for compacts, sometimes split in mild or wild or foreign and domestic. Clubs took charge and started putting together their own shows and had broken down classes for all styles of Modern Custom rides. It was a great time in automotive history that the old school Modern Custom guys remember because most of them helped get it going. Its not as old as hot rodding, lowriding or vannin' but it has its place in history and will continue to be a strong force in the custom automotive industry. The term "Modern Custom" was created by Mike, one of the owners of DropJaw, back in '02.
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by The Jaw Dropper August 08, 2011
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