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A Mixsillymax is a individual who dates rini's (land whales/cows) and is a person who gets abused by their parents for being so gay and hacks on kids games like roblox. Mixsillymax's are often weaboos and particularly like SAO because they are retards. Mixsillymax's are often known to be hypocritical or plane stupid as they tend to suck up to anyone cooler than them. You can spot a mixsillymax if you see a kid eating lunch alone or if you see a emo weaboo it is most likely a mixsillymax.
Person A: Wow look at that faggot he is online dating on roblox, he's such a mixsillymax.
Person B: LOL i know right what a fucking loser he should stop oding
by SourG February 14, 2017
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