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This syndrome has been studied by specialists while observing a group of University freshmen in their day-to-day life. It's currently described as a behavior disorder derived from a mutation on the gene WEROCK123 that is now known to create a magnetic field around mutant individuals, causing them to come together and form a group of close friends at some point in their lives. Once this happens, love triangles and even squares tend to appear within the group.

The first cases of this syndrome appeared in a group of medicine students (composed of four females and four males) back in 2010, leading to symptoms such as heartache, confusion, and multiple making out partners.

A cure has not yet been found.

- How do I know if I have Miticvs Syndrome?
- Is it contagious?
- If I have it, what are the odds I'll pass it on to my children?
- Is there a vaccine?
E.g. 1:
-"OMG, they're all coupled with each other!"
-"They have Miticvs Syndrome."
by I_win_ahah January 16, 2011
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