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a extremely gorgeous female with short blonde hair, tattoos, red lips and eyes that are full of life. Miss D's like to have fun, listen to music and send rapid fire text messages to tall incredibly sexy, mega studly guys from Santa Cruz Ca....much like the way the mythical greek legend "medusa" turned those who looked at her into stone, a Miss D will give those who dare to glance in her direction a massive boner,due to an incredibly high concentration of hotness. (this includes gay men and even other women) Miss D's are native to Novato Ca but due to popular demand of her beautiful smile and over all presence there have been recent sightings in Sonoma Ca, San Francisco Ca and various other citys in the bay area WARNING: do not taunt or antagonize a Miss D.....they are bad-ass and they can and will beat your fuckin ass!!
dude #1 "whos cooler than cool? dude#2 the fonz? dude#1 hell no! Miss D
by M.P.H. March 26, 2010
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Dynamite top totty bird with sise 3 feet and the hands of a Racoon
Hey bruv! That bird is a dynamite bird shes a top Miss D
by The5thDragoon May 27, 2018
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