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Misery High is a roleplaying group on It has become a very interesting as well as equally dangerous school located in Misery Falls, west Virginia. There are very many rumors circling the school that usually stem from the comment of death and danger.
The only way to know this for sure is if more people attend Misery High to uncover it's secrets.
As the name states it is a school of misery but from this misery there is excitement and interest. Plus the rumors can't always be true, can they? Whatever the case may be, this school is definitely to die for.
1. "Have you heard of Misery High?"
2. "Some people say there are ghosts at Misery High, do you think it's true?"
3. "Misery High always has a lot of rumors."
by GarnetEncrustedCarnations August 05, 2011
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