A mature woman who has the right maturity to try and end arguments. She's a Filipino and types fast for her age, and she's tall for a Filipino but still one of the shortest in her class. She is obsessed with the AVGN and Devil May Cry 4. She loves white rice and, unlike some girls, can keep a cool head. However, she can get absurdly pissed off and shows it in a different way, not by physical language. She's an administrator at a few select forums, and a global moderator at some, which shows her maturity. She's a forumoholic but isn't the one to post spam, porn, anything that breaks forum rules or breaks the forum host's Terms of Service. She can actually type and make references to the AVGN and other things she likes. She's so smart that she could name English and Japanese memes, more than just one of the two categories provided. She's a happy-go-lucky woman with a good heart, who actually has a life outside the computer. No, she doesn't have any fanimation (fanime) skills. She has a YouTube account, a Twitter, and a Myspace account. The Myspace account, she doesn't use it. She is creative and can think of good jokes. She loves to be called Misa, or Misa-Misa. Her name comes from a RPG Maker 2000 game called Deus Cards, not from the anime/manga Death Note.
MisaTange is a lovely girl.
by MisaTange July 6, 2009
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