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An unnatural female trouble, affecting those around forty years of age and older, who, with or without progeny, live and die by The Mouse. This manifests itself in blatant and subtle symptoms, including holding the annual Disney Pass in perpetuity, wearing Disney character costumes and make-up to Disney resorts year round, knowing the names, addresses, zodiac signs and cell phone numbers of all of the Fairies (childless ones only) and their respective talents, dressing as characters from Winnie the Pooh for Halloween regardless of age, overextending the Disney Visa Card just because you like how it looks and working at The Disney Store for the discounts instead of the paycheck.
"You know, I love Disneyland as much as the next person but Monica, with that fat ass in that Tigger costume you're well into Minniepause."
"I've obsessed over finding black market Enchanted Tiki Room fabric so much I think that Minniepause has finally started!"
by the Momur January 08, 2013
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