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Minnesota circle jerk

When a group of minnesota road construction workers (usually at least 5) abandons the idea that got them into a Minnesota clusterfuck but are now standing around the only actually working person and having a circle jerk, thus backing up and delaying traffic for up to weeks/months at a time. You can tell its a circle jerk from a long ways away because you will notice there orange vests that say MNDoT and yellow hard hats, when you get closer you will notice they are under a tree or leaning on the work vehicles. Sometimes they will have a coffee in one hand and a cigarette I the other. Another possible sighting would be the ass crack out the pants when he is bending over for another can of pepsi
Salina: ok great there's a sign that says"road work ahead," I wonder how backed up it will be?

Apdam: well if its a minnesota circle jerk like usual it will be bad. First you got the minnesota clusterfuck with these guys then the minnesota circle jerk usually follows

Kid in back seat: what's a minnesota circle

Adam: ahh... It's a bunch of minnesota road construction workers standing in a circle under a tree talking about the huge minnesota clusterfuck they just got themselves into.

Kid in backseat: oh cool I want to be in a minnesota circle jerk when I grow up!

Adam: no son your better then that
by Jesus taboot-tAboot June 17, 2013
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