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An action performed by a female in self defense or for amusement. Involves the flicking of ghost vaginal discharge with extreme force/velocity at a victim/prey. Can involve the use of apparatus such as keys, BBQ tongs, chopsticks or paper mâché. Most effective when used with stainless steel metal soup spoons as the gangrenous properties of the fluids are intensified.

WARNING: Can cause the victim/prey extreme physical dis-figuration when used in anger by the assassin.

Watch your step Maverick or I'll mink flick you"

Pearl was on her way home from lawn bowls last Thursday night when she was approached by a group of juvenile delinquents whose intention was to mug & rape her. Pearl Mink Flicked the shit out of them, they were permanently disfigured & were never seen again. Rumor has it, they now live as a colony of mutants in Wisconsin under a railway bridge.
by albinobike January 20, 2014
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