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a mini sluu is someone who smokes weed for the pleasure of getting high. she is also way worse than a slut. she wears shirts that show off way too much skin, she wears short short short skirts and she is also dumb. she most likely has brown hair that goes just past the shoulders. and her comeback to everything is "your mom". beware: if you find out one of youre friends is a mini sluu, then you are in trouble. she will try and seduce you into doing weed, and doing a bunch of stuff you dont want to do. she will steal youre boyfriend, she will also kill you with a butter knife if you call her a slut. this girl is dangerous. dangerous. her favorite pass time is giving blowjobs, having sex, and 69.
Girl : "Wow, did that girl just sleep with your boyfriend?"
Other girl : "Yup, she's such a mini sluu"
by LILAAAA March 31, 2011
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