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Minhhuy is an Asian kid whose Viet parents work at a nail salon and yell at him all the time. Bad driving is a common trait of Minhhuy. He is also very attached to his fraternity brothers almost to the point of gayness. To all the ladies who want to date Minhhuy, you probably shouldn’t, because his eyes are on one person, and one person only - his kuya aka fraternity brother.
Minhhuy is a self brat who doesn’t want to share his kuya aka fraternity brother with his best friend!!

You see that gay Asian bitch, that’s Minhhuy.

Minhhuy is so skinny and smart.

Minhhuy is a selfless kind of guy; he didn’t even complain when he had to drive us around and used a quarter of his tank.
by Bro-poozer June 09, 2018
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