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An attractive young female, dress strategically to expose or highlight her ample cleavage, within a car dealership. Their job is to primarily target the male dominated market, selling additional extras on top of the sale of the vehicle such as paint/fabric protection, tinted windows, gadgets and/or electronic rust protection - usually at a higher price that what is available on the market.

The term is a combination of two words:

"MING" being the original brand of protection products, and

"mole", a derogatory Australian term associated with females of poor social conduct, or questionable sexual promiscuity.

The alternate term is "Wynns Wench" (which is related to the brand WYNN).
Beware the Ming Mole, her low cut top get's her plenty of business but what she's selling isn't worth the price.

The Ming Mole stitched him up real good - he thought he was getting a massive discount but paid the difference in crap he didn't need.
by zachlost March 23, 2011
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