Minecraft Manhunt is a popular Minecraft series made by the Minecraft YouTuber DreamWasTaken, or Dream. Dream's first ever Minecraft Manhunt video, titled "Beating Minecraft, But My Friend Tries To Stop Me...", was uploaded on December 26th, 2019.

The basic idea of Minecraft Manhunt is that Dream is trying to beat the Ender Dragon while his friend/s try to stop him, and they have a compass they can use to track him down. As of now, he's done up to 4 hunters. It started with one hunter, which was his friend, GeorgeNotFound, and then a second hunter was added, Sapnap, after he did 6 manhunts with only George. After doing 1 manhunt with both George and Sapnap, he added a third hunter, BadBoyHalo. And finally, after doing 5 manhunts with 3 hunters, a 4th hunter was finally added, the 4th hunter being Antfrost.

Dream has currently uploaded 18 different Minecraft Manhunt videos, some of which being collaborations with various YouTubers, including Mr Beast and a well known speedrunner, Illumina.
Person 1: "Have you seen Dream's newest Minecraft Manhunt video?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it was awesome!"
by sharkywastaken October 8, 2020
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It is the sires where dream a "speedrunner" absolutely makes 5 of his friend look like pussys and beta males as they get shit on in even more ridiculously stupid ways because do they even try and George acts like he is a "real Minecraft player" until dream decides to go kill him and so he fucking runs away or comes up with stupid plans of action to take down one green boy. Also, snapnap is actually good at PVP but in a manhunt, he screams like a little girl cause I guess dream is Micheal myers. Also, the hunters suck get techno in on this so it actually is a challenge for dream. P.S. sorry if you are a fan of manhunt this is just a jab at things I thought were stupid. Sorry, do not kill me.
You: Did you watch the new Minecraft manhunt
Me: No I'm not a virgin
by Ct-75-67 February 4, 2022
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