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Mind Terrorism (Noun)/ Mind Terrorizing (Verb)- The act of mentally beraiding someone savagely. This works best on an unsuspecting subject in a public venue, as the public humiliation will only compound the pain from the verbal lashing. Mind terrorism works most successfully in small time frames (5-10 min) because it allows you to maximize the pain inflicted, without over doing it to the point of elliciting sympathy from the spectators. The goal of mind terrorizing someone is not only to mentally crush them, but to also inflict emotional pain and discomfort so as to cause lasting emotional pain long after the detonation
Lance- Yo, where you at that party yesterday? David mind terrorized the fuck out of some slut!

Ashton- Mind terrorism?

Lance- Yea, he called her out in front of the whole party. She ran back to her whore cave crying.
by DJ Hippie May 05, 2010
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