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When you begin thinking dirty or inappropriate thoughts and you fall under the impression that somebody is reading your mind, and are disgusted at you.

This emotion is usually triggered from a dirty look, or a que, but usually it is actually made up to scare yourself.

Symtoms include:
High blood pressure
Awkward boner
Emotional eating

Your mom doing yoga
Thinking about your dog and peanut butter at the same time
Parents going through divorce

Going to the bathroom for a few minutes
Go into room and play loud music
Play old computer games
Dream about owning a big ass chain
Bullet to the brain
Guy 1: the other day, my best friend took her top off in class when the teacher wasn't looking, and when I got home I sware my stepdad was reading my mind.

Guy 2: sounds like you became a victim of a mind scare.

Guy 1: is there any treatment?

Guy 2: I think the best course of action is a bullet to the brain.
by Caseyds620 January 22, 2011
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