She is the Sailor Venus from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Sailorvenus, resembling the Princess herself, is also a young lady of grace and beauty. Before becoming part of the Sailor Team, she was roaming around as Sailor V. She was the first of the Senshi to return. This is all because Artemis, the white cat advisor of Queen Serenity, had found her when the world was in great need of a heroine.

For Aino Minako, being a protector of Earth had taken its toll on her. Often times she had to dash off and deal with an enemy while leaving a potential friend. That got her a reputation of being a little too different. Therefore, she was sometimes left friendless and alone.

But all that changed when she was reunited with the other Inner Senshi. They became her best friends, and she’d never feel lonely again. As a warrior, Venus is skilled. She had a lot of practice being Sailor V, so many of the things Venus needed to know, she had already learned. With the team, Minako had battle drills and the intense training of a Sailor Senshi.

Minako is a good-hearted person. She’s very good with children and isn’t all that shy. She loves to have fun, go shopping, and help others. One of the dreams she has is to become a teacher, preferrably in physical education. Knowing that or not, lovely Minako is a very likable person right from the start.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
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