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A fictional character created in fan fiction for the book series 'The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod'. Though not a real character of the original series, she has been featured in an unpublished fan fiction titled 'There's Always A Tomorrow' by A.M.C Theaters. Just like the original series, there are five books.

She is described as being pale, with dark hair, and average height. Her eyes appear to be a light blue ring inside a darker green, the colors hardly blending and never changing. Later she adds red streaks to her hair.

She starts the story as a human but becomes a vampire. She was turned by D'Ablo, the main antagonist who wants to kill Vladimir Tod. She is particularly known by other vampires as being Vladimir Tod's mate but he refuses to admit it despite her openly expressing her love for him.

Mina Lovett is also blood-bound to Dracula. This allows her to see his ghost when no one else can, share his thoughts and memories, harness any powers he had while alive, and be possessed by him. This occurred because she is the reincarnate of Wilhelmina Murray/Harker and Elizabeth, both of whom are featured in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Her parents died when she was five. She is related to the McMillan family through her mom, which is why she has a different last name. The McMillan's are a family of slayers, with one per generation. She is said to look nothing like the McMillan's as they are commonly blond with blue or green eyes.
"Mina Lovett loves Vladimir Tod, everybody knows that."
by TAATfan February 11, 2013
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