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A sexual move in which a man's sexual partner turns his penis like a crank while he defecates. This process looks similar to the use of a hand-cranked meat grinder, hence the name.
I gave Jeff the ol' Milwaukee meat grinder last night!
by Charli XXX September 08, 2014
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This is a terrible terrible sexual act which involves murdering one's partner. One innitiates the Milwaukee Meatgrinder by first decapitating his partner, and then having sex with the girl's neck. This will most assuredly put you close to the front of death row no matter which state you're in.
"Did you hear about Drew?"
"No what happened"
"He gave his girlfrield the Milwaukee Meatgrinder and now he's got life in prison"
"No shit!?"
by Kumoniwannalaya March 29, 2010
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