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The Milk Category or Anal Milk Category, is an expanse of the human psyche in which the most rampantly fucked up, confuckulated, heavily-medicated, coked-up, what the fuck were you thinkin, holy-motherfucking-shit, and get the fuck outta my face with that shit- thoughts are banished after being spawned from the inner depths of the human soul.

Common subjects usually assigned to the Milk Category are violent beatings, prison rapings, belligerent homosexual ass fucking, skeet, and strangely uncomfortable fucked up and/or confuckulated statements in general.
1) Get the FUCK outta my face with that shit! That's goin in the Milk Category!

2)Why is the Hippo Ass Raping the Hemi in my Dodge Ram 4x4?!!.....Milk...Milk....Milk....
by Dhat Nhu Shyt October 18, 2007
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