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Although there are many variants on contesting this brutal event, the milk mile involves drinking milk and running a mile.

The most manly and legitimate way to contest a milk mile it for the competitors to drink one half gallon of thick chocolate milk from the local dairy, as opposed to thin grocery store chocolate milk. Once a competitor drinks the milk, they must run 4 laps around a standard 400 meter track. It is important to note that the time should be started when the competitors open their bottle/carton of milk. If one is feeling particularly ballsy, eggnog is an impressive substitute to the chocolate milk.

Other less prominent variants include drinking a given amount of milk each lap, drinking amounts milk different than the half gallon stated above, and drinking white milk.

Milk miles are common among high school track and field and cross country teams. This is a niche for distance runners.

Please note that the poster is not responsible for any discomfort or injury occurring before, during, or after a milk mile.

This event is not to be confused with the Gallon Challenge.
Onlooker 1: Wow those XC guys doing the milk mile are dying.
Onlooker 2: Well you cant run a mile, much less drink a half gallon of chocolate milk prior to running one.
by scxcrunner June 08, 2012
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