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A great Croatian writer and politician. Born in Sveti Rok, Lika in 1889, he studied geography and history at the University of Zagreb. During WWI, he was drafted into the Austro-Hungarian Army where he witnessed the Serb retreat through Albania in 1915-16. He was exiled from Croatia, but when he returned to Croatia, during a protest he was arrested and beaten. During WWII he became the minister of education, religion, and foreign affairs. He is most known for his plan of getting rid of serbs in Croatia. He proposed that One third are to be killed, one third expelled and remaining third converted into Catholicism. After the fall of Hitler, Tito's Partizans captured him and sentenced him in a one-day trial and was executed. The rest of Mile Budak's family were slaughtered in the Bleiburg massacre, while his wife and daughter were raped and executed by communist partizan forces.
Mile Budak is one of Croatia's biggest heros. It's sad that anyone else would think otherwise.
by Sule May 05, 2006
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