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The new strength and conditioning coach for the University of Michigan. He is known for being a crazy SOB that will "turn you into a little girl". The former MMA champion, who went 36-0 and never missed a match, has also become known for his crazy comments like "You're going to go 12 rounds and knock them the fuck out", for reportedly making Pacman Jones cry, and for giving a, what he claimed, "brief" 20 minute synopsis of his workout program. With his new found popularity, he has also become the new butt of so called Chuck Norris Jokes.
Mike Barwis beats paper, rock & scissors.

The only thing Chuck Norris fears is Mike Barwis!

Chuck Norris started doing the Total Gym 'cause he couldn't handle a Mike Barwis workout!

The reason Chuck Norris recently lost his beard is 'cause Mike Barwis tore it off with his bare hands!

"Reports about Barwis' expertise have generated only half of the hype. The other half has stemmed from the fiery intensity that permeates his persona. Together, those things have spawned stories that appear on the surface to be urban legend. Upon closer inspection, though, the rumors prove to be more fact than fiction."

"I don't want to challenge coach Barwis in anything," said junior wideout Greg Mathews. "I just want to stay on his good side, stay out of the doghouse, and go to class so I don't have to do any kind of punishment. Barwis was a cage fighter. He was 36-0 and never missed a match. He was telling us about 50 different injuries and never missed a match, and some of those injuries probably would have ended my career."

"Man, that guy is an animal," Detroit Catholic Central's Mike Martin said after his January visit to Michigan. "He is a beast. I would say that he stood out the most (during the visit). He showed quite a few exercises. Then he got down there and performed them. I like a coach that can do the drills that he is showing you.

"He pulled out these big bouncy balls that you do crunches on, and he jumped up on top of it. His assistant was throwing balls while he was catching them and keeping his balance at the same time. It was incredible. It helps build your core. He said we all will be able to do it, although it doesn't seem like that now. He is very intense. Coach Rodriguez told all of the recruits it is not a show, it is real, and that he is like this all the time."
by michgoblue July 03, 2008
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