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Midway PA, as of other neighboring towns, is a parasite incest breeding ground. Its a very small town and everyone seems to be cousins with 5 other people in the area. It is infested with rednecks, with the local school, Fort Cherry, being the terrible place these incest spawns go to learn. Stand in the middle of the road and take a shot for every pickup truck you see. Though the houses in the area are rather ok, there are at least 2 rotting trailers in sight at all times. Out of the entire area, this is where the classier rednecks live, most of the lower class rednecks residing in Hickory PA, or near the school, as that is were the farm area is located. Every week there is an event at the local firehall, like bingo or a cash bash, attracting hundreds of country hics like flies to shit, not to mention the annoying siren that goes off every time something happens. Middle of the night, guy passes out drunk? Siren. Retarded incest child crashes their dirtbike? Siren. Would not recommend moving here, or any other neighboring towns.
Girl: Hey, where do you like?
Me: Midway PA
The girl walks away
by Super Nigger Faggot August 31, 2017
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