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An Omni Organization in Anarchy Online that masters in the area of Kill stealing, (Ksin) or masters in the art of sucking dick. Another thing that this org does well is title farm. From a clanner's perspective, you can get easy Title points from this org. They can't pvp worth shit, and you can almost insta kill any of these homosalad's. Other than that everyone in this org will talk shit and act like they are the uber fucks, but the mere fact of this dilimia is that everyone in this org sucks themself a good homofuck, then they have org meetings and stir up homoshakes in front of the Omni-Tek Corp.
I have a small dick, and have no experience in PvP, Midnight Reveries is the Org for me, and i'm a homofuck too, so even more reason to join this org =)

lol i drop the soap alot, hah
by Surgcor December 16, 2004
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