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Louisiana State University's(LSU) most notorious and largest library on campus. It is located on central campus and lies 4 stories high. Some students refer to it as "The Zoo." This is because it has become the headquarters for many different cultures. It is overpopulated by an unusually large group of people who prefer it up the derriere. It is also the Maze Runner for autistic students who love to streamline anime and watch Brazzers and gay pornography on the school desktops. Many computers have unfortunately been wiped and replaced as a result of virus overloads because of these porn sites. It also houses quite a few homeless people from time to time who pay no attention to no one but themselves. The basement of the library has been abandoned since 1988 for unknown purposes and some students who have gone to such depths have reported nightmares years after they have graduated.
Hey man, you've been to Middleton Library?

Yeah man! I saw two Asians having lightsaber fights on the second floor the other night.
by bchc2003 June 01, 2018
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