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Highschool located in the apex, holly springs area. Whole school with throw a fit if their football team loses a game. Girls attending will do anything to send a picture their cheeks.
The girl attending middle creek highschool was the one with 2 abortions freshman year
by Bid tasty October 03, 2016
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Home of the Mustangs and rivals of Fuquay-Varina High school. Also an amazing STEM school. Its a school filled with rich people that have two houses and four cars or people that live in a one story house and drive a 2007 toyota carolla. 90% of the students there drive red Jeeps or Mercedes. The Lacrosse team is impeccable and the football team is good like every other year. They were voted to have THE BEST student section in North Carolina and a club called the creek crazies that runs the student section at every football game.
Girl #1 “What high school do you go to?”
Girl #2 “I go to Middle Creek High School home of the creek crazies

Girl #1 “Oh yeah that school is amazing!”
by Sauce kirk September 17, 2018
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