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A midclub crisis can be described as a mini mid life crisis that occurs specifically in a nightclub. It is when one is at a club and at one stage during the night they have a mini panic attack and realize either that they are too old to enjoy themselves or they no longer fit in with this crowd. It differs from a mid life crisis as it is not age specific but most commonly occurs in a transitional period in one's life ie, last semester of college. the effects may be heightened by other outer conditions such as a club deciding to play teenie bopper music such as justin bieber.
bill: "hey man you alright, crap music right?"

Ted:"no man its not that, its just all of it, i'm past all these excellent aventures and stuck up young girls, i'm heading to an indie bar man"
Bill:"dude bummer, total midclub crisis"

another example would be mike the situation's mini meltdown in a club at the end of jersey shore season 2
by Aidsbomb February 27, 2011
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