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A fun photo taken during the intense first phase of a sexual relationship, which is sufficiently anonymouse to avoid identification of the 2 people involved.

The male partner positions himself behind the female partner and inserts his penis between her thighs / buttocks so that the glans (tip) peeps through her labia. The female partner then adjusts her labia and his glans to resemble the face and ears of Mickey Mouse. She then takes the photo. This can then be shared between the partners to remind them of sexual intimacy, but it is not compromising of the relationship founders.
"Can we take a few sexy photos Joanne?"

"I'd be happier to do a Mickey Mouse pic right now Marco, maybe I'll show more in a few months, when we know each other better."

"OK baby that's fine, I'll squeeze through and you can position your little flaps around my fire chief's helmet before taking a sexy selfie!"
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by Katie4eyes May 07, 2018
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