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A word made up by the famous bay area rapper Andre Nickatina

basically it means a hoe who really isnt down.. a girl who is pg 13

to us pimps we dont like girls that arent down to fuck or do other shit.. since hes a pimp and most girls might not want to be tricked out
he would get mad and call them mickey mouse hoes

first heard in his song N yo Eyes

basically we want more mature girls who are down for w.e not girls who wont fuck on a first date who act all pg nd shit

see also:
Mickey Mousing
guy #1
I took this bitch out on a date and everything
took her back to my place and she wouldnt even take her pants off.. talking about we need to know eachother better

guy #2
Breh you know you gotta stop messin around with them mickey mouse hoes they never quick to give it up, they always scared nd shit
by andre nickatina fan July 08, 2009
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