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The Malaysian Born Chinese Actress, Very Famous for doing all her own stunts in Hong Kong Action Movies. Her rise to fame was at least to say a painful one. This was so true Filming for one such movie, where an accident nearly cost her life where she literally folded backwards onto Herself from an 18 foot drop. She has had bruises, broken bones, sprains & strains etc.

Michelle actually wanted to be a Ballerina since the age of four. She was also a bit of a tomboy which accounts for her ability to handle the rough & tough. On one of her dedicated WEB SITES, this is no more evident typically saying she was into mischief or always mucking around with her Cousins etc & getting bruises on her. Her Parents sent her to England to study & attained a Masters Degree in Dance & minored in drama. Although her Dream a being a Ballerina was short lived either through RACISM or a back injury, what was waiting around the corner for her when She arrived Home was very unexpected. Her Mother entered her Daughter in a Beauty Pagent. What followed then was first place. Michelle also won the Miss Moomba Pagent here in Australia, back I believe to be either 1982 or 1983.

After returning from Australia, yet another Suprise opened the doors for Her movie career. The Famous Jackie Chan offered Her a small part in a Television Commercial with him. This started a chain reaction where by She would appear in Hong Kong action films until She married Dickson Poon, and retired from the film industry.

The marriage to this rich Businessman was unhappy for Michelle. Around 1991, Her friends were worried & one day She fled to Australia with one of her best friends. She was forced to work in a Sweat Shop in Lidcombe under Dicksons orders to Her. She was unhappy as Dickson had not been the Husband she thought he was. A very uncaring & self centered person. He was showing his true colors.

Of all the luck that would have it, Michelle met a young State Government Worker. At that stage Michelle was living under the assumed name of Nina. I was asked not to tell anyone Chinese or who was from Hong Kong that she was residing down the street. Funny thing is we (Michelle & I) became close friends and I was allowed to call her Choo. I was told that only her closest friends call Her that & I was considered one.

I helped out as best as I could. She was quite prepared to stay in Australia for the rest of her life. Michelle was also applying for a motor vehicle licence which I not only helped her out with but also her friend as well. Things started to move along well enough that I made my intentions clear to her. The unfortunate thing She was still married. She told me that it was her Husband that wanted her to stop doing her Movies. She did not want to retire at all.

I was over to see Michelle some nights & was even invited to Dinner on several occasions. One night I spoke to Nina & told her to go back to Hong Kong, Divorce her husband & become the Hollywood Star You always wanted to be. Make Your Movies I explained. Use the name Michelle not Nina. Don't use the last name Khan, use Yeoh, pronounced " YOU."

One day I went to visit Nina & she was gone. My Heart that had been filled with Joy over the last few months, was broken. Two weeks later I left The RTA. A few months later I returned to Lidcombe to see a friend that worked with & was told that a Woman had come in to see Me. She was surrounded by quite a few Body Guards.

The rest (as we say) is all History. Michelle had been engaged a few times, but I hope to think that I was the one that She would have married. I always think of her & still like to hope She thinks of Me.

Michelle is getting Married to Jean Todt, the former CEO of the Ferrari Formula One Team. I had always wished You Well Michelle & I Hope I can See You Again. I still Have Feelings for You. Good Luck Michelle & I thank You for the opportunity of being able to Meet Someone as Special as YEOH.
NOTE: Michelle Yeoh has quite a few web sites dedicated to Her. She has had a wide diverse Career. This Definition of Michelle was written Truthfully & Accurately as I could. Some Information has been omitted as I believe the more personal details are & should be kept of a private Nature.

I do however believe that there will always be skeptics. I do think that although this happened way back in 1991 I tell this story with the thought that I will see her again.

by termite1 June 13, 2009
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